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Ed Reed's Vision for Change: The Truth Behind Bethune-Cookman's Decision to Not Ratify his Contract

Well folks, it looks like Ed Reed's tenure as head coach of Bethune-Cookman University has come to a screeching halt before it even really began. The school announced that they will not be proceeding with contract negotiations with the Pro Football Hall of Famer, leaving us all wondering what the heck happened.

But fear not, because Ed Reed is not one to go down without a fight. In a statement, Reed stated that the university "don't want me here because I tell the truth." Ooh, burn.

It seems that Reed had a vision for change at the university and it was moving too fast for some people to handle. But in true Ed Reed fashion, he's not backing down. He tweeted that he's "not withdrawing my name" and that he's disappointed that this opportunity won't be happening.

It's a shame that things didn't work out for Ed Reed at Bethune-Cookman, but we're sure he'll land on his feet. In the meantime, we'll be eagerly waiting for the next chapter in his coaching career.

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