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Who Needs 'The Flash' When You Have Xavier Smith? FAMU Wide Receiver Shocks with Lightning Fast 40

Are you a fan of superhero movies? Do you think you've seen 'The Flash' in real life? Well, you might have to think again. What you saw might actually be Florida A&M All-American wide receiver Xavier Smith. Yes, you heard it right.

Smith, who is currently in New Orleans for the HBCU NFL Combine and will also be participating in the HBCU Legacy Bowl postseason all-star game, has recently stunned everyone with his 40-yard dash time. According to ESPN NFL Nation Reporter Turron Davenport, Smith's time was clocked between 4.38 and 4.39 seconds, which is astonishing!

In an interview with NFL Network's Steven Wyche, Smith said, "That was my plan to come out and show that I can run really fast and run routes. I've shown that I can run, have the route-running ability, and that I can play this game at a high level. I'm just continuing to do what I've been doing. I've already been training, so I'm just sticking to what I've been taught over this whole process."

Looks like Smith is determined to show off his skills, and boy, did he deliver! So, the next time you think you see 'The Flash,' just remember, it might actually be Xavier Smith. Keep an eye out for this talented player, and who knows, he might even outrun 'The Flash' someday.

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